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Room Accomodations

✔ Open for rental from RM280.00 per unit for 1 night.
✔ For maximum comfortability we recommend 4 guests per room though we accept a maximum of 6 guests including kids. For more than 6 guests we impose a charge of RM30.00 (each additional occupants).
✔ Living hall includes a sofa, a television set and a dining table
✔ Kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a water kettle and basic utensils.
✔ 2 queen-sized bed at first floor and 1 sofa bed at ground floor.
✔ Fully air-conditioned. 2 wash-rooms with water heater (first floor)

Brief Reminder

✔ With Swimming Pools
Compulsory to wear proper swimming attire or material of lycra or jersey. Cotton t-shirts, track bottoms and jeans are strictly not allowed
🔑 Check in Time ▶ 3.00 pm
🔑 Check out Time ▶ 12.00 pm
✔ Gated Facility
✔ Parking area provided both within and out of the facility

Refund Policy

🔑 All payment made will not be refunded.